San Diego’s Cedrice Makes Her Mark on The Voice

28-year old Cedrice Webber, a native of San Diego, may be working hard to ensure she makes it through to the next round of The Voice, but she’s already come a very long way in terms of becoming a role model for embracing yourself just as you are.

100% Self-Acceptance

When she was just 10-years old, Webber was diagnosed with alopecia areata, a condition that causes hair loss. As a result, she had to endure severe bullying, started struggling with depression, and turned to wigs to cover her perceived shortcoming.

By the time she reached the end of her teenaged years, she’d started sharing her story on social media networks and via videos on YouTube and was inspired by the outpouring of love and support she started receiving from all over the world.

In 2010, during a Communications Class at Cuyamaca College, Webber removed her wig as part of an assignment on public speaking. She remembers deciding to start a new chapter in her life, one where she embraced who she was.

She’s come a long way since that difficult day, starting to shave her head completely in 2017 and beginning to sing for the public since then as well. It’s got her to the point where she’s been selected by Blake Shelton, the country music superstar, to continue her run on the programme.

Her decision to go completely bare rose from the fact that she felt that hiding behind wigs was masking who she really is, and any musician worth their salt will tell you that expressing yourself this way requires bravery and determination along with a willingness to stand as you are in front of the crowd.


It’s probably a lot like winning big when you play the first-rate real money slots New Zealand and the rest of the world have to offer! Cedrice reveals that she just about lost her mind when Shelton made his choice and her ecstasy was obvious to everyone watching at home as she shouted YES!

From the first moment of her audition, the singer has managed to captivate the coaches, live studio audience and viewers at home with her truly remarkable voice. After a stellar rendition of Peggy Lee’s Fever for her blind audition, John Legend himself turned for her and she ended up on his team.

Cedrice gets a lot of support from her partner, Matt, who waited backstage while his girlfriend made her play for a spot on the renowned television show. Recalling the first time he ever laid eyes on her, Matthew says that all he remembers thinking is that all women should be bald if they’re as beautiful as Cedrice!

The couple has a joint Instagram account that tells us that they’re two musicians who live on opposite sides of the country following their hearts and dreams and Cedrice particularly is very active on the account, with a schedule busy enough to suit all her followers. She posts something almost every day of the week, including jam sessions, workouts, and more.

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